Hi Amanda,

I just got back from Coachella!

It's a 3 day music festival out in the Desert.

I've never been to a music festival before, and TBH I never thought I'd go to one. I went because it was my friend's bachelor party.

But I had the absolute time of my life! (and I didn't have to do drugs!)

My favorite acts: Hans Zimmer, Kendrick Lamar, and Phantogram.

It's good to get outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

The most ironic part is that I had so many business breakthroughs while I was at Coachella. (Because I wasn't working for once, and let my brain relax)

I saw an interesting article in the LA Times on the numbers of Coachella - there’s a guy who rents his house for 2-3k per weekend during the festival to help pay his mortgage off.

I love studying business models and found a great article that dives into the finances of Coachella and other festivals. Coachella vs other Festivals

Meet Billy Murphy (Guest post on CharlesNgo.com)

I wanna introduce you guys to one of my friends, Billy Murphy. I met him at a Tony Robbins event a few years ago, and he's super sharp in business.

(He runs the blog / podcast ForeverJobless.com)

Billy was a professional poker player for 4 years before he got into online marketing. He built up a business around his poker knowledge, and it hit 7 figures in his second year.

Since then he’s done a lot of campaigns and e-commerce, but this post isn’t about affiliate marketing tips and tricks.

One of Billy's super powers is understanding risk when it comes to business, and I asked him to write a guest post for you guys.

This post will help you understand risk more mathematically, and help you make better decisions.

Risky Riches on the Path To Becoming a Millionaire >>>

A Discount on the Best Spy Tool

Competitive research is a part of business. You don't think Samsung has spies inside of Apple? It's like the business version of The Departed.

So wouldn't it be awesome if you had a way of seeing what affiliate marketers are running? In affiliate marketing, we use a service called "spy tools" to automate the process.

They're software that you log into that can scrape all the ads that appear on difference traffic sources.

The benefit? You can see what ads affiliates are running, what offers they're running, and what landing pages they're using.

There are TON of spy tools out there, but the one I recommend is Adplexity. They are the best by far because they scrape the most ads, and have the most filters (It's important so you don't waste time looking at Netflix ads for instance)

Last week I hit up the Adplexity team to see if they could hook you guys up with any discounts.

They gave me 25% off per month for life straight away.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on a spy tool - Adplexity is the best spy tool period.

My own team use it and it’s what I’ve been using for a few years.

Here’s the link to grab your discount on Adplexity > > >

One tip I have for spy tools is that you don't have to get the spy tool you use for your traffic source.

If you're running Facebook traffic, you can sign up and see what's working on Native Ads. You can take the angles over there, and "import" them into Facebook. It might end up doing better since no one's using that angle.

Talk soon,

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