I just landed in Egypt.

I’ve traveled to over 45 countries at this point, but I’ve never actually been to the Middle East before.

My friends think I’m crazy for coming to this part of the world.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

Well, danger is my middle name.

I did plenty of research before I came here and Cairo’s pretty safe. I think the media overexaggerate things.

A few days ago in Thailand someone told me they’d never visit US.


“You guys just had a massage shooting in Las Vegas. I’d be scared to visit.”

I'm going to visit the Pyramids tomorrow and speak at the Arab Affiliate Summit the day after.

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What to Look For In a Traffic Source

Super affiliates are always the ones who specialize in a traffic source.

I facepalm whenever a newbie tells me they're trying to do native, pops, and Facebook.

It’s a sign that you’re not confident in your skills. You’re hedging your bets hoping that one of them hits.

Here are my metrics that I look for when I’m analyzing traffic sources.

Volume – The most important metric for me. I’m not looking to master a traffic source if the potential spend limit’s only $500 a day. What I’ve learned is sometimes a $500/day campaign and a $10,000 could take the same amount of work, the difference is how much traffic’s available.

Good interface – Can I bulk upload ads? Is the interface clean and easy to navigate around?

Tracking tokens – Definitely useful if they offer dynamic tokens and conversion pixels to help me optimize.

Responsive ad reps – Are they knowledgeable about the platform and can help me?

Payment Options – Not really a deal breaker, but the more options the better. Also I hate places that only take Paypal and pass on that 4% fee to me.

The Moats – The barriers to entry for new competitors. An example is some places require a referral or a large $ deposit to start advertising.

Accurate Traffic – This means if I want to buy traffic from Canada, I want 100% of the traffic to be Canadian. If my tracker shows 15% of the traffic’s coming from India, that means I’m already at a -15% ROI loss. (remember...you can always redirect the traffic using Voluum)

What’s Allowed - This is a big one. You’re going to have a hard time if the traffic sources don’t like affiliate offers or the type of landing pages you’re trying to run. Of course, there are always ways around it, but is it worth the headache?

Competition Relative to Volume - Imagine 100 people fishing from an Ocean. No big deal. Now imagine 100 people fishing from a small pond. There’s no fish left for anyone.

I hope this helps you guys out picking new traffic sources and gives you some guidelines to follow.

For newbies in 2017 I recommend starting off with either Facebook, or a mobile pop traffic source.

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Talk soon,
Charles "Danger" Ngo

P.S I'm speaking at Arab Affiliate Summit in Cairo this week. Look forward to meeting some of you guys in Egypt.

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