May 19, 2017  
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At Google's I/O developer conference this week, the single biggest theme has been AI and its applications in everything from consumer electronics to medical research. I spoke with the company's lead for the technology, John Giannandrea, about the challenges of teaching machines to understand the world at least as well as humans--and
how the company is not only wrapping the results into its own services, apps, and devices, but evangelizing others to build on top of the AI-first platforms it's creating.

Want A Basic Income? Apply To Be In This Documentary

What would you do if you got unconditional cash every week? Two filmmakers want to find out.

Google’s AI Chief On Teaching Computers To Learn–And The Challenges Ahead

When it comes to AI technologies such as machine learning, Google’s aspirations are too big for it to accomplish them all itself.

Can Gamifying The Hiring Process Make It More Effective?

Turning a job hunt into a game can appeal to job seekers even before they know which job they’re applying for.

Axe Searches For Guys, Apple Gets Accessible: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Rick and Morty meet Ridley Scott, Brooklyn Film Festival finds self-love, and Lululemon goes beyond yoga pants.

This Giant Smog Vacuum Cleaner In China Actually Works

But only on a small scale. You’d need a lot to clean a whole city’s air.

Google’s WorldSense Will Free VR From The PC And Smartphone This Year

New headsets from HTC and Lenovo, incorporating technology from Google’s Daydream and Tango, will usher in the era of stand-alone VR.

Want To Live And Work Overseas? Take This Two-Week Trip First

Whether you want a desk job in a foreign country or a nomadic lifestyle as your own boss, you need to take this scouting trip first.

Solar Innovations Mean We Can Bring Power To The 1 Billion Who Still Live Without It

Electrifying the entire world is an important part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Recent advances in renewable energy and microgrids means that it might be possible to do it quickly–and cleanly.

The Five Types Of Impostor Syndrome And How To Beat Them

There’s more than one way to feel like a fraud. Here’s what it takes to overcome the most common ones.

Kickstarter Wants To Help Gadget Crowdfunders Keep Their Promises

Some people with nifty ideas are unprepared to bring them to market on time and within budget. But a little advice from experts might make a big difference.

How WNYC Continues to Innovate and Create Social Change

The radio station is nearly a century old, but remains a social and cultural influencer.

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