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Yank the Jank


Tips on CSS best practices, so future-you has an easier time of things [medium].

Building a CSS-only image gallery with fallbacks [chenhuijing].

Filtering and using data with Serverless and Vue [css-tricks], part two of the article we linked yesterday.

On building better tabbed interfaces [inclusive-components].

Getting rid of browser jank with WebRender [hacks.mozilla].

Getting Better


Hanami is a general purpose CLI for Ruby [lucaguidi].

A guide to connecting PHP to Discord (the group chat app favored by gamers) using Webhooks. [gaiscioch]

A collection of hacking and penetration testing resources to help you practice your security skills [github].

JavaScript got better while Eevee wasn't looking [eev].

Learn the basics of Xcode 9 [hackernoon].

All in a Day’s Work

Jobs, positions, engagements, duties and assignments (mainly jobs)

Product engineering team manager [Zapier], remote.
Hadoop specialist [Pythian], remote in North America.
Python back-end engineer [Doist], remote.

Want your next open position here? You should! 45,000 very qualified readers will see it and a slightly smaller number of those will apply! Go here and place your ad [sitepoint].

Uncle Sam's Design Plan


Planning for accessibility [alistapart].

A detailed redesign post-mortem [medium].

The 8 biggest typography mistakes designers make [creativebloq].

Why Whatsapp's design makes it the best instant messenger [muzli]. I have still never used Whatsapp.

A look at creating a very large-scale design system - in this case for the U.S. Government [smashingmagazine].

On Location


Facebook has announced a $199 Oculus Go headset [techcrunch]. No wired tracking equipment required, though it won't provide the same experience.

Tim Cook says the technology to create great AR glasses doesn't yet exist [independent].

Equifax's website has been hacked [arstechnica]. Yes, again. Now it redirects visitors to malware downloads.

Telegram 4.4 introduces live location sharing, a new media player and new group features [telegram].

Here's a free book on collaborating online effectively [gathercontent].

Baby Saturn

Everything else

In case you're in the market: the last privately held Leonardo da Vinci painting is up for sale [kottke].

How two separate genomes battle in humans and other organisms, possibly leading to the birth of new species [wired].

How Elizabeth Smith Friedman became the greatest American codebreaker in World War II [longreads].

A potato at the edge of the solar system has a ring, and its status as a dwarf planet is in question because of it. It's like the Pluto Incident all over again, but more humiliating for the object as it gets downgraded to 'tiny floating rock'.


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That's Versioning for Thursday. I'm off for the night to watch the Big Fight between my cell nucleus and mitochondria genomes. I've got $10 on mitochondria. Wish me luck, and catch you tomorrow!

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