April 18, 2017  
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Not long ago, social payments company Tilt seemed to have it all--a hot idea; cool, young founders with Y Combinator pedigrees; and $67 million in funding--not to mention a $375 million valuation. But Tilt was more successful at cultivating its user growth and fun, frat-tastic office culture than at nailing down a viable business model.

When Tilt finally ran out of cash, the party ended with the company's sale at firesale prices to fellow Y Combinator alums Airbnb in an aquihire deal. Where did it all go wrong?
Ainsley Harris digs deep on this classic, coconut water-fueled tale of Valley entitlement.

The Demise Of Tilt: A Bargain For Airbnb, A Classic Loss For Investors Like Andreessen Horowitz

In 2015, social payments company Tilt was worth $375 million. Less than two years later, it had lost over 95% of its value and was sold for a pittance. What happened?

The Ford Foundation Just Made A Billion Dollar Bet On Impact Investing

Besides giving grants, the foundation now wants to make sure its endowment is being invested in places that will have a positive impact.

“SNL” Writers Are Now Just Speaking Directly To Trump

Jared Kushner made his “Saturday Night Live” debut in the form of Jimmy Fallon while the show embraced its status as part of the president’s weekly viewing.

Eating Meat Is Bad For The Planet: But What About Just Eating Less Meat?

The new book The Reducetarian Solution makes the case that easing our carnivorous tendencies will curb climate change and probably make us all healthier—and is a better solution than trying to make a vegetarian world.

These Natural Beauty Brands Are Using Big Data To Give Skin Care A Makeover

Armed with a new website, Follain is teaming up with brands that take a science-based approach to natural beauty. The goal? To demystify the industry and bust the long-prevailing myth that beauty products need toxins.

Can This Company Create A “Neural Prosthetic” To Reprogram Our Brains To Be Smarter?

The quest of Kernel (and other companies like it) to map the brain’s neurons and then develop implants to manipulate them will be the subject of a new film by Supersize Me‘s Morgan Spurlock.

Zola Wants To Be Your Wedding Planner—And Save You From Your In-Laws

There are many online services that help couples plan their weddings–they’re just not all in one place. Zola is setting out to fix that.

Why The Next Person You Hire Should Be Overqualified

“Overqualified workers tend to try different things, and through the process they bring creative insights and find better ways of doing their work.”

Exactly What To Say In These Four Common Salary Conversations

Talking about money can be tense, but here’s how to prepare–no matter what turn your negotiation takes.

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