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If you like a good front-end code debate, you might want to check out a few recent articles and Tweets that have been making the rounds.

As far as I can tell, things started with an article by Sergio Zamarro called CSS is broken. He discusses problems inherent in CSS like global scope, dead code, and overuse of !important.

Keith J. Grant followed that up with a response on his blog called (you guessed it) CSS is Not Broken. He says:

"CSS isn’t broken. But it does require study and skill. It does require careful thought. As with anything in programming, you can make a mess of the code."

This is something I've talked about too. Keith compares it to how we use JavaScript. We use the good parts of JavaScript and we learn to do things correctly. That's all it takes, really.

Finally, here's a Tweet storm by Patrick H. Lauke along the same subject, that elicited some similar debate.

Louis Lazaris,
Front-End Editor