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Get Inline


Beginners: learn about redefining functions and recursion in JavaScript! [sitepoint]

Inline functions and performance in React [reacttraining].

The future of accessibility for custom HTML elements [medium].

Getting started with Angular and user authentication [sitepoint].

Vuera lets you use Vue components in React apps, and React components in Vue apps [github].

Symfony of Infrastruction


The first preview release of Ruby 2.5.0 is out [ruby-lang].

How to set up error monitoring for your JavaScript web app [sitepoint].

Exploring data with serverless and Vue [css-tricks].

Deploying your Symfony app on AWS Elastic Beanstalk [theodo].

Tuning PHP-FPM for max performance [haydenjames].

All in a Day’s Work

Jobs, positions, engagements, duties and assignments (mainly jobs)

Android developer [Buffer], remote.
Data analyst [Treehouse], remote in the US.
React developer [Boatflex], remote.

Want your next open position here? You should! 45,000 very qualified readers will see it and a slightly smaller number of those will apply! Go here and place your ad [sitepoint].

Sketchy Symbols


Sync libraries of symbols across Sketch docs and create smooth corners with Sketch 47 [sketchapp].

The Landing Page Cookbook [yourlandingpagesucks] wants to help you create more performant landing pages.

Designing UX for the lizard brain [alistapart].

Resources for designing better dashboard interfaces [medium].

13 things you should give up if you want to be a successful UX designer [uxplanet]. It's far more motivational than it sounds.

Have a Kit Kat


Some Google Home Minis have been sending always-on recording data to Google servers [androidpolice]. But they've fixed the issue now. Or maybe that's what they want you to believe!

Apparently it's very easy to spoof native iOS authentication windows for phishing purposes [krausefx].

Apple's first big original content project will be a reboot of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories [theverge].

Windows devs: Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK [venturebeat].

Holly Cardew says startup founders should feel more comfortable taking breaks when they need one [medium].

South Pole Watering Hole

Everything else

A revival of the first great Twitter client, Twitterrific, is out for macOS [iconfactory].

This is how your fear and outrage are being sold for profit [medium].

CB Insights believes AI will put 10 million jobs at high risk within 5 - 10 years - more than those eliminated by the Great Recession [cbinsights].

Finally, a giant hole has opened up in Antarctica [motherboard]. Swimming, anyone?


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That's Versioning for Wednesday! Giant holes opening up in popular holiday destinations is a bit of a concern, though. Adam's off on his honeymoon and I hope he hasn't fallen into one. Stay safe out there mate! Catch you all again tomorrow.

Curated by Adam Joel.

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