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It’s nice to contact you,here is Nancy from Earth Beans Trade Organic Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.
We are the original supplier for organic soybeans and soybean meal.

Company experiences: 16 years
Main products: Organic soybeans, Organic soybean meal .
Use: Organic soy sauce, organic tofu, organic soybean milk and other organic soybean products raw materials.  Soybean meal for poultry/animal feed.
Organic certifiy: EU, NOP, JAS.
Honor: 30 Countrys exported with good reputations.
Especially because of our good reputation, we are exempted from inspection by FDA of United States.

If this email disturbed u, hope your kind forgive.
Catalogue will be sent if needed, thanks so much for your time.

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Earth Beans Trade Organic Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd
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