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Newmax has developed and produced anti-static agents series successfully since 2003  MX Anti-static Agents series are typical kind of nonionic anti-static agent, with excellent heat stability and anti-aging property.

On the basis of successful applications of non-ionic Anti-static Agents, we also developed ionic anlistatig for external paste and anlistatig with properties both of ionic surfactant and non-ionic surfactant.

The products are widely used in BOPP, PP, PE, PU, PVC, ABS, PS and their products, etc. MX anti-static agent series can greatly reduce the surface resistance of plastic products to 108-9, with such advantages as high-efficiency and permanent anti-static performance, good compatibility with resin, appropriate migration speed of anti-static molecules, no bad effects on the process and use performances of products.

Our products are have following categories
1.MX 180 (ARMOSTAT 600)
one kind of non-ionic anlistatig, with good resistance to heat and static, and without no bad effects on transparency. The surface resistance of its product can reach 108-9. It can be used in PE, PP, PS and ABS resin, or work with antioxidant as pre-mixing agent (white powder or granules) of polyolefine.
2.anlistatig for PP,PE,BOPP,PA polyolefin
3.Anlistatig for ABS PS PET
4.Anlistatig for PVC PU
5.Anlistatig for printing ink ,coating, watering ,
6.Anlistatig external paste in liquid form
7.Anlistatig master batch for PE PP
8.Anlistatig for EPE EVA
9.Anlistatig for PBT PET
10.Anlistatig for POM
11.Permanent Antistatic agent for  PP/PE  ABS/PS

Our anti-static agent can be processed based on customers demand of injection ,extrusion ,casting ,blow molding ,foaming ,stretching . Please let newmax

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