May 18, 2017  
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Writing and editing online can be a fulfilling career on its own. Many who do it, however, quietly harbor ambitious dreams of moving on to other mediums, such as TV and film.
The story of how one man went from being an editor at Gawker to a writer for the Emmy-winning hit "Master of None" is not only an inspiring portrait of this type of success, it also feels akin to something that might happen on that show.

The GOP Health Care Bill Pushes Employers To Shortchange Employees And Themselves

The AHCA places unfair incentives on U.S. employers to cut health care coverage for the most vulnerable, inevitably leading to higher costs down the road.

From Gawker to “Master”: How One Writer Made It to Aziz Ansari’s Show

Cord Jefferson used to be an editor at Gawker; now he writes for one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV. Here’s how he became master of his domain.

Has This Silicon Valley Startup Finally Nailed The Indoor Farming Model?

Indoor farming is a trendy startup space, but many of those ventures have recently failed. Plenty thinks its technology, model, and timing mean it’s the place that will finally turn greens into green.

The “Amazon Of Fish” Wants To Get Americans Eating More Seafood delivers fresh fish from a New York City warehouse to anywhere in America in less than a day. Can it change American’s relationship with sustainable fish?

In A Driverless Future, Uber And Lyft Will Sit In The Passenger Seat

Car manufacturers are poised to take the driver’s seat if autonomous cars scale.

How A Laptop Ban Could Cause A “Summer Of Travel Hell” For Passengers And Airlines

It’s “off the table” for now but if the ban proceeds in the future, airports will turn into zoos and airlines stand to lose upward of $1 billion.

How Billionaires Can Make More Impact With Their Donations

Philanthropists often don’t actually give enough to create the change they are advocating for. A new report tells them how to be more effective with their dollars.

Use These 10 Creative Photography Hacks To Crush It On Instagram

The Cooperative of Photography presents some new tricks to make your photos stand out in a field crowded with prosumer showboats.

Which One Of These Visions Of How We’ll Work In The Future Sounds Most Appealing?

You probably won’t get a say in the matter, but these 4 scenarios–from an economy dominated by slow corporate jobs to one defined by all task-based gig work–are what you should plan for in the coming decades.

How The VP of Global Marketing At Facebook Got Her Start Serving Sandwiches At A Theater

Sarah Personette shares a story of her very first job as a young girl catering at a theater.

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