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Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays: 40+ Apps, Ideas, and Examples

However you define “holiday”, you can’t ignore that there’s a certain buzz in the air. The season is upon us.

You may have survived the biggest shopping weekend of the year (and you killed it), but shoppers are still scrambling to buy last minute gifts, pushing the limits of your shipping deadlines.

If your customers are celebrating Ramadan or Hanukkah or just looking forward to popping the New Year’s cork, they’re in a buying spirit this month. You can make the most of the holiday shopping season by making a few tweaks to your store design, marketing, and collections, even if you don’t sell overtly festive products.

The Shopify App Store is full of handy integrations (some free) to help superpower your business at any time of year. We’ve curated a list of holiday-specific apps and tools, plus ideas and examples to implement today.


The Art (and Science) of Facebook Video Ads That Work

It's no secret that Facebook videos are a great way to reach new audiences on one of the biggest social networks around.

But what does it take to create one that actually takes off, let alone drives traffic and sales to your products?

On this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who has mastered the art of creating Facebook video ads and trailers for his digital products.

Gary Martin of RGG Edu makes documentary-based tutorials from the best photographers and retouchers in the world.


Free Webinar: How to Turn Seasonal Shoppers Into Lifelong Customers

Holiday shoppers are unique in that many of them will buy your products without knowing a thing about your brand. This means they might forget about your business entirely if you don’t make an effort to keep them interested.

To help store owners retain customers this holiday season, Shopify is hosting a free webinar geared towards helping you turn holiday shoppers into lifelong customers.

This webinar will be held on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 2:00pm Eastern Time.

Can't make it? Register anyway, you'll receive a replay shortly after the live broadcast ends.


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