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September 2017

Jeffrey, Treehouse Student

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8 Must-Have Tools in a Beginner Developer’s Toolkit

When you’re new to coding, you’ll start to hear about all the latest and greatest tools for developers. Coding is ultimately problem-solving, which is why new tools are constantly being created to help solve those problems. As you grow your skills, you’ll start to be able to test out the tools that best fit your needs and projects. But, when you’re first getting started, what are some of the essential tools that should be in a developer’s toolkit?​

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Hugo Templates for WordPress Designers

In this comparison tutorial, we dive into some specific (yet still basic) details about a popular static site generator called Hugo, comparing it to its most well-known “dynamic” ancestor, WordPress.

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New Learning Content

Each week we add to the growing Treehouse Library of courses and workshops. Here's a roundup of what's new.

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