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Simple Techniques, Seriously Delicious Bread

Rise to the occasion, and learn bread–baking techniques for making satisfying buns and rolls from scratch. Join me, professional baker and King Arthur Flour's Jeff Yankellow, for my online Craftsy class, On the Rise: Bun & Roll Techniques, and create crowd–pleasing breads for every occasion and meal.

In this class, I'll demystify bread–baking terms as you master four delicious doughs and learn how to craft a variety of sweet and savory breads. We 'll begin by delving into the ingredients you'll need. Find out which flours work best for these breads, and understand the three main types of yeast. Plus, I'll share expert tips on mixing your dough, for chewy, delicious results.

Kneading too much or too little can make or break your bread. In this lesson, you'll learn how to hand knead your dough like a pro, and achieve a perfect first rise. Then, discover techniques for dividing your dough, so that it has enough room to rise to pillowy perfection.
Once your dough has risen, we'll start shaping and baking our beautiful rolls. I'll demonstrate how to shape rustic, single–knot, split and round rolls. Then, we'll discuss delicate, pull–apart rolls and work through the proofing process. Need to see one of these techniques again? With Craftsy, you can watch these lessons as many times as you wish. And, because you can access this class on your computer, tablet or phone, it's easy to learn while you bake.

Sweet dough is always a crowd–pleasing treat. In this lesson, I'll show you how to add sugar and fat to your dough, to create an enriched base for sweet braided rolls, buttery monkey rolls and even sticky buns! Your potluck popularity just increased tenfold.
We've satisfied the sweet tooth, now we'll focus on breads that are both savory and healthy! Learn how to use whole wheat flour to create hamburger buns, long rolls, double–knot variations and even Telera rolls with their scored, flour–dusted crusts. You'll love how guilt–free these rolls are!

Rustic rolls are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite weeknight meals, so we'll tackle those next. First, get a no–fail roadmap for your dough, from when to mix to when to let it rise, and every step in between. Then, I'll share tricks for working with soft dough, and we'll make rustic hard rolls, as well as tempting focaccia and flavored variations. Complete any meal with these versatile and always popular breads.
Are you ready to spice things up? In our last lesson, we'll make Dutch crunch rolls, chocolate–almond rolls and everyone's favorite — cinnamon rolls! Learn my secrets for decadent icings and fresh glazes, and get ready to taste how sweet success really is. Enroll in On the Rise: Bun & Roll Techniques today, and master professional bread–baking techniques for irresistable results.

My career started on the savory side of the kitchen, before I transitioned to baking during my time with the National Baking Center. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management. Today, I am happy to be back in the classroom as an instructor for King Arthur Flour, and now, as an instructor for Craftsy!

Learn the techniques to make the perfect roll or bun to sop up hearty soups, complete your backyard barbecue and even make the mornings a little sweeter!

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Jeff Yankellow | Craftsy Instructor
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