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JupyterCon NYC, the official Jupyter conference
“Jupyter is the new front end for data science and AI at both a strategic and tactical level—if your organization needs to increase its analytical capacity at scale, you need Jupyter.” Register today for Best Price and save 20% more with code PCHNEWS


AI Playbook
//a16z comments

My Family’s Slave
//theatlantic comments

Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars
//nytimes comments

Maru OS – A complete desktop experience on a smartphone
//maruos comments

The Boring Company FAQ
//boringcompany comments

//google comments

Web Developer Security Checklist
//sensedeep comments

How Craigslist Makes Money
//forbes comments

Why We Are Self-Publishing the Aviary Cookbook
//medium comments

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to D3.js
//medium comments


Accidentally Stopping a Global Cyber Attack //malwaretech comments

Cyberattacks in 12 Nations Said to Use Leaked N.S.A. Hacking Tool //nytimes comments

Hospitals across England hit by large-scale cyber-attack //theguardian comments

Cisco's Talos team analysis of WannaCry worm //talosintelligence comments

WannaCry – The largest ransom-ware infection in history //comae comments

#Ask HN

How can a front-end developer dive into machine learning?

For those programming 10+ years, what do you wish you knew 4 years in?

How much time per week do you spend on side projects?

#Show HN

Not Hotdog App //apple comments

Transform Data by Example //microsoft comments

FSQL – Search through your file system with SQL-esque queries //github comments

Osquery //osquery comments

Howmanypeoplearearound – Use wifi to calculate number of people around //github comments

SQueaLy – Fast track analytics for business //github comments

Gitorials – Tutorials as Git Repos //gitorials comments

Verb Master – A site for practising Spanish verbs //github comments


JSON Feed //jsonfeed comments

Git and GitHub Integration Comes to Atom //atom comments

Git 2.13 //github comments

Turning Sublime Text into a Lightweight Python IDE //github comments

Visual Studio 2017 now fully supports Python and Django //visualstudio comments


Machine Learning //xkcd comments

Data Science Workflow: Overview and Challenges //acm comments

Understanding deep learning requires re-thinking generalization //acolyer comments

The World’s Largest Street-Level Imagery Dataset for Teaching Machines to See //mapillary comments


A Look Inside Apple’s New Campus //wired comments

Redesigning Apple Music after Being Rejected //medium comments

Redesigning Android Emoji – Google Design //medium comments


Linear Algebra Done Right Video Series //youtube comments

Approximating sin(x) to 5 ULP with Chebyshev polynomials //mooooo comments

Where have all the insects gone? //sciencemag comments


Why do many math books have so much detail and so little enlightenment? //mathoverflow comments

Top 20 Most Sold and Most Read Books of the Week //amazon comments


Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier – BWV 731 //allofbach comments

How a Blind Developer uses Visual Studio //youtube comments

600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, Brushless DC Electric Motor //youtube comments

Startup School 13: How to Find Product Market Fit – Peter Reinhardt //startupschool comments

Tour of MIT's Robotics Lab //youtube comments

Makani’s first commercial-scale energy kite //youtube comments


Noncompete Clauses: Signing Away the Right to Get a New Job //nytimes comments

What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? //aeon comments

Working at Netflix 2017 //brendangregg comments


Rejection Letter //antipope comments

Computer Games That Teach Assembly Language //ieee comments

William Gibson’s Never-Filmed Aliens Sequel //vulture comments

Author illustrates book using MS Paint after spending 10 years mastering it //boredpanda comments

Anchor Physics Simulator in JavaScript //github comments