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WordPress: A World-Class CMS

I wanted to kick off my first editorial with some thoughts about WordPress itself, as a content management system. I've read a lot of blogs, articles, and discussions recently in which WordPress, being a PHP platform, and one that's relatively aged, gets a lot of flak. PHP purists strike it down as bloated, not conformant to standards or expectations. They complain that it's not MVC, or they throw out the "it's only for blogs" point that comes from the very inception of WordPress.

In reality, WordPress simply is the most installed content management system that exists today. It's as simple as that. According to some statistics work done by w3techs, WordPress powers 28% of the websites on the Internet. Of course their numbers are not (cannot be) complete and accurate, as attempting to record every site on the Internet (and get everyone to agree on what, exactly, qualifies as a "site") would be an exercise in folly. Nonetheless, the numbers reflect what most of us accept - WordPress is here to stay, at least for awhile. Why? Let's examine a few of the reasons behind that.

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Jeff Smith
WordPress Editor


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